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A Fool’s Journey: Walking Japan’s Inland Route in Search of a Notion

“I had been here before: I was going from being a mere ‘interpreter’ to being a ‘cultural interpreter.’ It was a dangerous path to tread.”

Walking Japan's ancient inland route in search of a vague romantic notion, the author encounters a string of characters, locals with a story to tell. Recording their stories, the author braids a travelogue deftly interwoven with his own experiences since he first set foot in Japan some thirty years ago.

At times hilarious, at times serious,  at times moving, A Fool’s Journey is an exploration of one of Japan’s most scenic routes and its fascinating past. Above all, it is a gaijin’s exploration into his relationship with a country that continues to defy definition.

160 pp, 5 x 8, soft
Map, glossary
Travel / Japanese history
ISBN: 978-9492722-058

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